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About This Gallery

Welcome to my digital astrophotography gallery. I first started to explore digital astrophotography in 2007-2008 around the same time that Comet Holmes came blazing through the inner solar system with a coma that blew up larger than the sun.

Astronomy had always fascinated me but I had never really acted on my interest. I started off with a home made 8" F3.9 Newtonian telescope assembled with spare parts and a sewer pipe. From there I was able to have a nice view of the comet and soon thereafter decided to try some photography through the scope. I still remember watching the first images of Messier 42 pop up on the camera screen. Reds, blues, the flower shape - they all contributed to a mind blowing experience. It was awe inspiring to realize I could explore space without the help of NASA right from my own back yard. I eventually got heavily involved in hunting and tracking near-Earth Asteroids, which I now do full time for the Catalina Sky Survey.

If you would like more information on equipment and techniques please visit my Astronomy Page.

Thanks for visiting!