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Object Number: (605911) Cecily = 2016 XD1 

Orbit Type: Amor, Near-Earth Object

Interactive Orbit





Image of K16X01D on the 2018 apparition shot Sept 2nd.

Object Other Info:  
Possible NEO I found on 12/3/16. Perihelion distance of 1.257 au +/- 0.002, absolute magnitude of 19.4, very likely an NEO with a diameter over 300 meters.

Update: This has been officially confirmed as a near-earth object. It had appeared on the NEOCP for a short time as XXBA7C7 which was then linked up with K16X01D

Update: About 6 years after finding this NEO it was numbered and I was able to propose a name for it. I named it after my wife, Cecily.