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Here you will find a collection of my work and hobbies which include, sculpture, web development, art, photography, astronomy, flash flood footage, and dinosaur discoveries.

Publications (Web and Print):
- Published, High Country News - Flash Flood Chaser Here.
- Published, Space.com article on Lightning and Solar Wind Here.
- Published, National Geographic Photo of the Day for Sept. 1st 2011 Here.
- Published, August 2013 issue of National Geographic Magazine Here.
- Published, 2013 "Supermoon shot" on National Geographic's Website Here.
- Published, "Behind the shot" on Borrowlenses.com Here.
- Published, Earth Science Picture of the Day for 10/14/13 Here.
- Published, Earth Science Picture of the Day for 1/3/14 Here.
- Published, WashingtonPost Flash Flood Video Here.
- Published, "The Universe on a Shoestring" Deseret News Here.

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Cheers! - David Rankin

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