Facebook is a Draconian Shithole

Isn't it time to admit we all should have broken up with this corrupt empire a while back? I mean, wasn't the Cambridge Analytica shit enough? What is enough?

Their entire business model is classifying you into a product that they sell to advertisers. The tech they are using to do this is ridiculous. They learn more about you than you'll ever be comfortable knowing they know.

They have a hold over us in the form of the connections they've helped us make. I value that a lot, which is why in spite of the desire to leave this shithole platform for a while now. I haven't.

They've infiltrated your life, your electronics, your insecurities, fed you to companies as a product, reinforced radical behavior, enabled hate speech, and caused division across the planet.

I'm also 100% sure the POS app is eavesdropping on conversations to suggest advertising.

I applaud them taking the effort to help stop radical views from proliferating postmortem, but in this effort they have turned the platform into a draconian shithole. After getting suspended multiple times over very benign comments towards literal Nazi supporters, I've decided it's not wroth it there anymore. I'm gone and won't be going back.

My friends know how to get in touch with me if they want to. For now I'll be on Twitter and Mastodon.