View Asteroid Orbit - 3d Interactive Solar System

Asteroid Orbit View: This is a web based 3d application for viewing the solar system and plotting objects based on their orbital elements. Best performance with Chrome, Opera, or IE.

I update this application often. Please make sure to visit this page to launch the latest version V2.8.

Featured Object:

Please make sure you are running the latest version of your browser.

If you work for a large survey / observatory, you have my permission to use any images generated here in any publications you wish. Please credit Asteroid Orbit View.

Time (rewind and fast forward) - jump to date.
Fully interactive interface, orbit, zoom, ect.
Plot Halley's Comet by default
Plot and animate asteroids
Z and X keys to zoom if you don't have a mouse with a wheel
Load elements from text file generated by FindOrb
Seems to work best in Opera / Chrome

Special thanks to Daniel Bamberger from Northolt Branch Observatory for help refining this program.

Created with Three.js
I offer all applications I produce free of charge. Please consider a donation :)